Art Cultural Network

The Nartwork Association is born from the passion for the art of a team of young Neapolitans.
The purpose of Nartwork is to organize cultural events and activities aimed at the knowledge and dissemination of art in all its forms and expressions, in the promotion of the artistic work of modern and contemporary artists, emerging young people and the historical-artistic heritage.

The strength of our exhibitions is the choice of prestigious locations and the careful selection of works, which allows us to create an intimate and unique visual experience for collectors and art lovers.

art network

Nartwork is an art network that promotes and sells works by contemporary artists, also making use of publishing activities for dissemination purposes, thanks to the collaboration with public and private research bodies of various nationals, such as the Fondazione Valenzi.

from Naples in to the world

Naples is our city and we want to enhance its historical-artistic and cultural heritage, but our aspiration is to be international, hosting foreign artists in our exhibitions and organizing exhibitions abroad.