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Distinctive marks

From 19 to 26 March 2022, at Spazio SV – centro espositivo San Vidal, in Campo San Zaccaria, Venice.

Distinctive marks want to be a praise to differences, as a sign of wealth. A semiotic search for the true self, for that characterizing trait that leads us to say “I am”. A journey into the variety that characterizes the beauty of reality, driven by curiosity for what emerges as peculiar and unique.

The exhibition runs from 19 to 26 March 2022 and shows 33 artists from 14 different countries. It has received the moral patronage of Veneto Region, Campania Region and Suor Orsola Benincasa University.

 The opening takes place on Saturday 19 March at 5 PM that will be streamed live on Nartwork’s facebook page

During it will be a debate on the theme of the exhibition with the art historians Cristiana Cordova and Gianpasquale Greco, authors of the critical contributions in the exhibition catalog. A small refreshment will follow. 

The exhibition can be visited from 19 to 26 March 2022 at the following times: 10.30 -12.30 | 16.00 – 19.00, closed on Mondays. 

Artists on display:

Marie Pierre Arpin (Germany), Claudio Barbugli (Italy), Yuri Bosetti (Italy), Erika Cadiz (Saudi Arabia), Caterina Caldora (Italy), Chiara Cinquemani (Italy), Paul Delanee (France), Elisa Dottori (Italy), Anna Eriksdotter (Sweden), Mario Formica (Italy), Alina Gane-Hurcomb (New Zealand), Ted Gillpsie(USA), Nadine Giehl (Germany), Jörgen Hansson (Sweden), Monika Hartl (Austria), Elke Hubmann-Kniely (Austria), Inushima (Japan), JBG (Italy), Erich Kovar (Austria), Lausen (Switzerland), Elisabeth Lopez (United Kingdom), Attila Olasz (Hungary), Maria Rita Onofri (Italy), Olivier Petit-Helle (France), Alexandra Piras (Belgium), Silvia Ranza (Italy), Tommaso Sacco (Italy), Paola Semilia (Italy), Maria Carolina Terracciano (Italy), Rafa Tom (Canada), Stéphane Vereecken (Belgium), Rebecca Volkmann (USA), Horst Weber (Germany), Claudia Werth (Germany).

Art curators: Rossella Bellan, Giulia Mazzilli, Antonietta Panico

Critical essays by: Cristiana Cordova, Gianpasquale Greco

Exhibition graphic by Antonio Imparato

Show display design by Giulio Bellan

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