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Boundless beauty

The international collective exhibition “Boundless Beauty” will take place from January 13th to 22nd at the exhibition space Dueunodue in Bologna, located at Via Galliera 2/B.

The exhibition will showcase the works of 33 artists from 14 countries, all part of the international network created by the Nartwork association, which aims to create a cultural network to promote artists and contemporary art in all its forms and expressions. The Association currently has over 200 members from around the world. 

The exhibition has received the moral patronage of the Campania Region, the Emilia Romagna Region, the Suor Orsola Benincasa University, and the Alsob Association

Nartwork aps has decided to dedicate 2024 to the investigation of beauty through a series of collective exhibitions connected by this common thread. An homage to beauty, not just the strictly aesthetic one, but also a search that goes beyond conventions and finds beauty even in the storm, in the power of a single stroke, or in a whirlwind of colors that gives us the freedom to be authentic, authors of the way we look at the world and contribute to its creation through our presence. 

Boundless Beauty is the first exhibition in this series that questions the meaning of authentic beauty, the existence of objective beauty, and the influence of cultural constructs and emotional stories in the viewer’s perception of beauty. Each work on show is accompanied by a QR Code that collects the author’s thoughts and reflections.

At the vernissage, scheduled for Saturday 13 January at 5.30 p.m., there will be a brief discussion on the exhibition with the curators and the artists present. On this occasion, the official catalogue of the collective exhibition with contributions by art historians Maria Aurelia Catalano Rossi Danielli and Gianpasquale Greco will be distributed free of charge. Light refreshments will follow this.

The exhibition can be visited for free from January 13th to 22nd at the exhibition space Dueunodue, located at Via Galliera 2/B, Bologna. Opening hours: 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Closed on Mondays.

Artists on display:

Claudio Barbugli (Italy), Sandra Bechtold (Germany), André Colinet (Belgium), Alessandro Di Porzio (Italy), Rika Maja Duevel (Norway), Mar Enriquez (Spain), Maria Evseeva (Russia), Giulio Fantone (Italy), Mario Formica (Italy), Lucrezia Giacometti (Italy), Nathalie Guglielmo (Italy), Ulla Hasen (Austria), Sonja Kalb (Germany), Tommi Ketonen (Finland), Rada Koleva-Genova (Italy), Andréa Lobel (The Netherlands), Slaga Małgorzata (Poland), Fadiese – Laurent Martinez (France), Christina Mitterhuber (Austria), Atsushi Ohta (Japan), Attila Olasz (Hungary), Pawel Opalinski (Poland), Utaellamarie Peter (Germany), Weronika Raczynska (Poland), Vera Schumacher (Germany), Lisa Smith (Japan), Jean-Paul Soujol Benedetti (France), Maria Carolina Terracciano (Italy), Emma Testa (Italy), Enrica Toce (Italy), Toyo (Japan), Rebecca Volkmann (USA), Horst Weber (Germany).

Art curators: Rossella Bellan, Giulia Mazzilli, Antonietta Panico

Exhibition graphic design by: Christian Luigi Russo

Show display design by: Giulio Bellan

Critical essays by: Maria Aurelia Catalano Rossi Danielli, Gianpasquale Greco

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