Fabio Rocca

Kioss Ape
oil on paper, 70 x 100 cm

Fabio Rocca was born in Alcamo, Sicily, but soon moved to Naples to study at university. During his year at Orientale university he engaged in the social and political struggles of ’68 that would leave traces in his formation. The first degree in Foreign Languages and Literature follows after a few years a second in Psychology, which probably helps him to better define the emotional contours of his art. The first propensity for painting arises from the emotion felt, little more than adolescent, in front of the canvases of the great masters in the museums of Northern Europe. It was not until the end of the seventies, however, that he began to exhibit in various exhibitions in Italy and abroad. A philosophy of life throughout Sicily, which only the superficial could define laziness, has led him to expose, so far, very sparingly, in the belief that the strength of his signs can overcome the transience of memory even without the repetitiveness of the gaze.