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Artificial Nature

What is artificial, and what is nature? Aren’t we part of this nature over which we place ourselves as masters, which we love to modify according to our needs? Shaped by the earth and finally destined to return there with no way out?

These are just a few questions that steered us to organize the Artificial Nature exhibition, on display from 13 to 19 May 2023 at the Hub/Art gallery, in Barcelona.

The exhibition welcomes 30 artists from 14 countries and invites the viewer to reflect on the dual between nature and man, not with the presumption of finding answers, but with the possibility of broadening our horizons and seeing the interdependence between a man who wants to forge the nature from which it is biologically generated.

Artists on display:

Marko Alabaster  (United Kingdom), Marie Pierre Arpin (Germany), Claudio Barbugli (Italy), Olga Biberdorf (Germany), Brigitte Bourger (French Polynesia), Marta Carceller (Spain), Justin Chan (China), Ivana D’Emilio (Italy), Rika Maja Duevel (The Netherlands), Anna Eriksdotter (Sweden), Julia Fernández Rebollo (Spain), Waltraud Gemein (Germany), Lucrezia Giacometti (Italy), Monika Hartl (Austria), Inushima (Japan), Rada Koleva-Genova (Italy), Lausen (Switzerland), Agata Lewandowska-Mista  (Germany), Attila Olasz (Hungary), Maria RitaOnofri (Italy), Atsushi Otha (Japan), Utaellamarie Peter (Germany), Giulia Pomata (Italy), Ariane Schuchardt (Germany), Veronika Sekotova  (Czech Republic), Sou (Japan), Soul Sparkles (USA), Maria Carolina Terracciano (Italy), Franca Veroj (Italy), Rebecca Volkmann (USA).

Art curators: Rossella Bellan, Giulia Mazzilli, Antonietta Panico

Exhibition graphic design by Antonio Imparato

Show display design by Giulio Bellan

Critical essays by: Maria Aurelia Catalano Rossi Danielli, Gianpasquale Greco

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    Reviews of the artists