Category: Limitless

Gennaro Regina

Art is limitless, like children’s imagination… To be an artist you have to be like children: without limits!” Gennaro Regina “Gennaro Regina was born in

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Fabio Rocca

Fabio Rocca was born in Alcamo, Sicily, but soon moved to Naples to study at university. During his year at Orientale university he engaged in

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Geometrie urbane

Lucia Serra

“””Limitless”” is a concept that I feel and belongs to me a lot! This beautiful exhibition is a concrete proof that despite the limitations

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Varsha Sureka

This beautiful exhibition is concrete proof that despite the limitations that can be imposed at certain times of life, important, ambitious, content-rich, engaging projects can

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Alejandro Zamavi

For me, Limitless means expansion, the expansion of our self, our knowledge and potential. It is to know we have the power to create and

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