Ruchi Anadkat

Ruchi Anadkat

Centre XYZ, l’exposition F Tour. 10 ans de Fructose, 2018

Merging the boundaries between Art and science, I visualize fictional mathematical formulas to understand the limitless spaces connected to my body

Contemporary multidisciplinary visual artist and performer, living in Lille, works in the north of France and west of India, Vadodara. Her research as an artist develops around the relationship between image and dance, a visual artist’s perspective on dance, and a dancer’s observation towards visual art. She graduated from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Vadodara with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in 2007, and achieved her higher education DNSEP in 2009 with felicitation at ESBA-Le Mans, France. She is trained in Indian classical dance since the age of five. She received an individual research scholarship from Regional Direction of Contemporary Visual Art – DRAC of Bourgogne in 2013 and the DRAC Hauts de France( North ) in 2017. She was selected that same year to join the artist studio at Fructôse. Since 2009, she has been part of the ROTBG collective, a free laboratory for experimental music research and sound performances. She participates in residencies, exhibitions, and performances in France, India and Italy. She is invited by Universities and Schools of Arts to intervene in conferences in India. Currently working on the research project « Performed Geometry » in her studio at Dinkerque « Fructôse » she is developing some collaboration with mathematicians to materialize her visual art practice to create site-specific installations.

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