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Paco Falco


acrilyc on canvas, 50×70 cm

Limitless is an exciting film and maybe since I saw it not only a movie but a thought, limitless is a beautiful image… without limits whaooo… even more than the infinite word

Paco Falco began his artistic career in the Quartieri Spagnoli of Naples, in the concreteness of living and spontaneous materiality, then collaborated with ART@CMS, CERN’s artistic channel, an expression of the most complex operations of the human intellect and their theory, seemingly separate worlds but equally aimed at the most authentic manifestation of life. In his works, from Chromie in Liberta’ to BACK TO THE SIGN, Paco follows a thought: how to start from scratch without forgetting. A new world with its own traits. Imagine trips on the subway, to sun-lit cemeteries whose bodies are hinges and decumans and whose rays are lucky croissants or abstract landscapes designed by unknown Asian authors with many gametic cells and still empty rooms surrounded by objects deemed necessary today, find happiness in explosive sunsets to get to imagine Dark Matter, decipher the codes of genesis, unravel the design of the great architect of the universe, the formula of life even before life, of sound, even before sound, of color even before color, the Higgs boson, the beginning, after the explosion of chaos. About Paco: … his work in progess, presents traits of a spontaneous originality that originates from a frank passion for expressive and thematic research… (E.Paolozzi) … it almost seems to want to erase the already lived to make room for the story of new emotions. (N.D’Antonio) He has exhibited in Naples, Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Genoa, Athens, Brussels, Geneva, Vienna, Miami… Paco is in contact with artists all over the world, also thanks to sites like Behance, through which he compares and shares his art, in a virtual world but increasingly real.

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