Marko Alabaster  – United Kingdom

Venice rising

2020 oil on canvas

It’s an everyday story of Venetian life in a city that is slowly disappearing. My angle is that Venice gets up everyday and stays positive and lives each day for the moment. This gem of a city may be sinking, but it’s people rise.


The dawning

2021 oil on pre-stretched canvas

A secret place whereby no words can explain. Subconscious, positive mental energy.

Brigitte Toffano Ali – France


2018 oil on canvas

Originally created for a deceased in 2018, an elegy which extends to all those who lost their life during the pandemic.



2019 oil on canvas

The internal conflict of Ophilia – how did her mind battled itself? She is seen one moment singing and dancing by the river, the next she has drowned.

Marie Pierre Arpin – France

Vieille Brioude

2019 oil on canvas

I always loved the Roman Art from Auvergne because inside these churches we can come back to ourselves, and find ourselves within. Vielle Brioude is a Roman church from Auvergne that I find magnificent in its colors and proportions. I have visited it for twenty years.



2020 oil on canvas

Boats are my main theme in painting for a long time, because I find the structure very poetic. Boats also évoque a sense of travel both within and outside on the waters, witnessing nature.

Laura Bruno – Italy


2017 mixed media on canvas

Masquerade, composizione di forme geometriche con colori scuri, è il contraltare di Arabesque. Anche qui il riferimento è alla civiltà italiana, ricca di tradizioni culturali che sono contenitori di ricchezza e storia. Il metro quadro è alla base della creazione artistica per l’equilibrio geometrico e coloristico.

Caterina Caldora – Italy


2006 pastel on cardboard

Capita a volte di “guardarsi” e chiedersi se la propria vita è stata quella che si sognava…

Alina Ciuciu – Italy

Volo sopra la fiamma

2021 mixed media on canvas

“Il battito d’ali di una farfalla può provocare un uragano dall’altra parte del mondo”… Con questa semplice frase si può riassumere in cosa consista quel concetto denominato “effetto farfalla”.
Piccole azioni possono contribuire a generare grandi cambiamenti. Quest’idea, derivata dalla Fisica e dalla teoria del caos, può essere applicata anche alla psicologia. Ciò che facciamo oggi influirà sul nostro futuro: con piccole azioni, possiamo cambiare molte cose che non apprezziamo della nostra vita oppure, più semplicemente, invece che colpevolizzarci per errori che tutti commettiamo, possiamo trovarvi una soluzione introducendo piccoli cambiamenti.

Nicola Costanzo – Italy

Palpito lieve

2020 mixed media on canvas

L’opera “Palpito Lieve” non rappresenta qualcosa che deve avere una sua spiegazione semantica, ma è semplicemente sè stessa, non appartiene al suo autore, oltrepassa ogni intenzione autoriale.

Giovanna Da Por Sulligi – Italy

Armadio dei sogni

2020 acrylic, spatula on canvas

In questo oscuro periodo sto realizzando le “Antiwunderkammer” come metafora del mio involucro che tenta di aprirsi verso una prospettiva serena dove operare, scegliere liberamente, riporre i miei pensieri e i miei sogni prima che si dissolvano.

Paul Delannèe – France

Juste des clous

2019 acrylic diluted in water

“Just nails” represent the silhouette of someone, dropping nails on the paper, waiting for rust to be created by the time!
The artist wanted to refer his art to the famous luxury brand “cartier” putting in parallel the nails, with the Cartier’s ring “juste un clou”.
The time creates colors and new perceptions of art!

Eivor Ewalds – Finland

Childhood memories

2021 acrylic on canvas

Making art reminds me of my childhood memories when happy people were gathering together enjoying their lives and the sun was always shining. Of course it is partly an illusion but it gives me strength to carry on.

JBG – Italy

#you don’t even pay for the ticket

2021 photo, digital collage and digital painting

José Ángel Gómez Fernández – Spain

Alchemist of dreams

2021 printed in latex over vinyl

Alchemist of dreams
that fades with his echoes
the shadows that I create.
the fabric that is being woven
by the loneliness of an absence.

Mario Formica – Italy

Interconnessione Paolo Francesca

2021 mixed media on wood

Due figure ieratiche emergono dalla bolgia, ma la dea Fama, nel turbinio dei suoi colori, immerge gli amanti in un’atmosfera quasi di paradiso.

Inushima – Japan


2021 digital photo collage/acrylic photo

Matter and sound exist in the air as vibrations. I believe that the vibrations of all things and people’s emotions also exist in the same way. I thought that the vibrations of all these things mixed togetherwould be memory. I create my artworks that make collage landscapes I have actually visited and photographed, and my own drawings. I will be exhibiting an artwork titled “reminiscence”, which expresses my own interpretation of “Vibes” by collaging the memories that reside in the various materials that vibrate in the air.

Erich Kovar – Austria

Immaculate Conception

2020 oil on canvas

The Virgin Mary receives the martyr Christ in her immaculate lap. In the rose, the white symbolizes virginity, the red the martyrdom.



2021 oil on canvas, partially gold plated

Endlos imprisoned in a golden cage, waiting in fear for the viruses to mutate.

Taija Mäntylä – Finland

Energy of celebration

2021 acrylic colours

Imagination changes unvisible world into visible.



2021 acrylic colours

The power of excitement makes the result.

Angelika Oberneder – Austria

The resting souljumper

2021 bartik & lacquers on canvas

First I bring large areas of colour to the picture and than go back into myself with small accentuated splashes of colour and complete the painting! At the end i let more detailed accents flow into the picture with many feelings… to feel inside!! And at the end of the process i break out with ‘pollock splashes’ to finish my painting!


The vibes of the whale

2020 bartik & lacquers on canvas

For me there are two kind of vibes important to paint a good picture… first kind is music that I’m loving and the second one is emotions! When the music vibes and my emotions are touch the canvas the world around me stand still… and i’m happy!
Turn the radio on… let the vibes flow and paint a good picture!

Attila Olasz – Hungary

The secrets of creation

2021 oil on board

The secrets of creation. For this work, the contrast is characteristic. The story shows human animal heads and body parts in front of us. Wonder what is the end? The struggle of forms lasts forever.

Maria Rita Onofri – Italy

Non c’è più tempo

2021 spatula acrylic with aluminum inserts, patented technique

Un ricordo è un tassello di vita, un momento positivo o negativo qualcosa che arriva dal nostro esistere,
un oggetto, un pensiero, un atto, un sapore, una sensazione. Sicuramente è una vibrazione del conscio o dell’inconscio che noi incorniciamo nella nostra memoria per riviverla. Quando, come e perché… spesso non lo sappiamo neppure noi, ma senza ricordi, senza queste vibrazioni del vissuto non sapremmo neppure di essere vissuti.

Shaula Schaham – Israel

The orchids (the flower series)

2021 mix media collage

My painting is a collage made with a very special batik fabric I bought in the beautiful island of Bali. I was there twice, and each time I could not get over the beauty of the place and its people.
The orchids on this island are very special, and they come in many shapes, colors and textures. The fabrics caught my eyes, and I bought quite a few of them thinking that I will make special things one day. That day never came, but I decided to celebrate my memories with a series of collages with these special fabrics.
The color purple is my favorite color, and colors are vibrations as well, purple being the most spiritual one. This painting represents my very special memories from my trip to Bali and my love for flowers. It is mix media collage with acrylic paint where I tried to create an old time flavor of either a wallpaper or curtains. The size is 80 by 60 cm. 

Gabriele Springer – Germany

1001 Nights

2021 acrylic on canvas

No fixed style – I am open to everything new and interesting.

The human being interests me the most, because he has two faces. One for himself, the other for the outside world. It is exciting for me to find out what is behind the “self”. What moves, is felt and lived behind the “self”.

Dealing with the psyche, the soul of the human being. Exciting.

Psyche comes from the ancient Greek and means “breath-breath”.

I try to capture this tiny breath in my pictures.

Because the psyche is what makes a person alive, unmistakable, unique, different from others. It encompasses everything we feel, everything we think, everything we perceive, everything we experience and process.

The psyche – the soul – influences our whole life.

“Painting … pure passion”

The food of my soul

My addiction

My fever

My passion

My pictures are my biography

That was so

This is so

And will always be so

Rebecca Volkmann – USA


2020 mixed media on canvas

My personal narrative has become mainly about being human and craving a deeper human connection. The theme of many of these new works is love, passion, distance and closeness, and loss. I have been investigating the intimate and raw energy of love and life.

Claudia Werth – Germany

A day in the autumn forest

2020 acrylic on paper


The beauty and lightness of nature

2020 acrylic on paper

Both artworks are dealing with the healing of our inner self when we are out in nature and enjoying it. One time the overwhelming colours of an autumn forest, which always reminds me of the scents of drying leaf’s and the joy of walking through them. On the other hand nature can enlighten us with its light colours, the play of light between a forest tree and smoothing our soul.

Peter Woodburn – United Kingdom

The journans in january

2021 limited edition pigment ink-jet colour photographic print on matte paper

What’s the opposite of ‘other-worldly’? I’m not exactly sure, but I want my photographs
to allow descent or crossing to both: the other place, the double or reflection of this one, that vision through to – and that everyday mythical state where the gaze is filled by seeing.

Rada Koleva Genova – Italy


Verona, 2021

È l’Arte, l’espressione più completa dell’armonioso vibrare dell’anima umana in sintonia col Creato.

Maria Carolina Terracciano – Italy


Pomigliano D’Arco, 2021

L’amore che vibra nel canto di un usignolo, lo stesso ch’è nel cuore dell’uomo annienterà il suo antico nemico e gli insegnerà a vibrare più in alto, dove non ci sono confini.