Unfolding stories

from 10 to 17 September 2022 

Luciana Matalon Foundation, Milan (Italy)


Marko Alabaster

United Kingdom

The Diesel Dragon

2021 oil on canvas

A carnival boat has been stolen and equipped with two high powered Mercedes engines. The purpose is to fish illegally off the shores of Taiwan. No boat can catch this one.



Marie Pierre Arpin



2017 oil on canvas

Miroir rhénan

2021 ink on canvas

In both of these flamboyant scenes, the eye is drawn to the center of the happening. In each composition a tunnel of light invites towards a destination where neither earth nor sky exist, yet all focus lies in life itself. Its nature glowing in the golden autumn light.

Yvonne Benasser 


Series Land of exploration – Unknown land I

2022 mixed media


The strength of colors is similar to the life force.

An infinitely available palette. Let them be
shimmering, all in nuances, according to their desires. It marks the personality. 

Joyful, here it is celebrated as a life force, generously beautiful.

Jaen-Marie Bidet


Gust of wind in Ouessant

2022 mixed media

Sometimes, I’d like to touch the invisible. Lightness and meditation.

Marta Carceller


Wave alive

2021 acrylic on canvas

“Wave alive” is a work made on a sandy base, where the colors of the wave want to convey freshness and spontaneity. The color strokes are applied with a brush and a spatula. You can also see drops splashed by the waves.

Nicola Costanzo


Solo per un giorno

2021 mixed media on canvas

Solo per un giorno evoca l’aspirazione ad una forma, ad una passione di vita, che non conosce calcoli e confini precostituiti.

Paul Delannée



2022 engraving


Elisa Dottori



2022 mixed media

Il passaggio di una esistenza narrata in dodici foto scattate circa trenta anni fa.
Numeri che contano ed elencano
La cifra degli occhi, mani, dita, naso e bocca impresse sulle immagini che ritraggono mio nonno.
Un alfabeto disegnato che traduce l’invisibile nel visibile e l’eterno movimento degli astri che lega a doppio nodo il tempo in cui vivo e l’allora dilatato così nella memoria
Senen 111

Rika Maja Duevel


The Journey, The Past, The Present, The Future

2022 mixed media

This piece is about the adventure and the destination both through the mind but also through life’s travels.
The symbol on the figure is the Norse Rune: “”Raidho”” which sounds like “”ride”” when pronounced, it represents Journey, Travel, Mobility, Movement, and Rhythm. The patterns within the piece represent different patterns I have used, and often returned to again and again in different variations; the color scheme of blues and greens evokes an analogous feel, a feeling that even with the unexpected there is a peaceful and hopeful feeling about what possibilities may lay ahead.

Mario Formica


Un’ombra dal Paradiso

2021 mixed media on wood

Il paradiso dantesco, sintetizzato nella figura ieratica di una Beatrice pressoché assente, si riempie di una diafana luce, mentre i movimenti armonici dei cieli si concretizzano nella musicalità scomposta dei chiaroscuri.

Fruits Quartz


Space structure

2022 photo editing

This work was created by combining multiple works.
My art is designed from photographs.
Each one is like a piece, and it feels like a map is completed when all of them are aligned.
Light rays reach from space, light reaches the earth, and react with the sky, clouds, and organic matter to form plants.
I expressed the process of being born and something being born, and the infinite number of combinations of elements and organic substances.

Geoffrey Grünwald


Bamboo Garden

2022 acrylic on canvas, framed in a basswood shadow gap frame



2022 acrylic on canvas, unframed (edges painted)


Up in the Sky

2022 acrylic on canvas, framed in a custom-made blue shadow gap frame


My artworks are inspired by nature and my surroundings, contain rigorous geometric elements, intersecting lines, and a synthesis of colors to create organized and balanced but very dynamic compositions that are open to numerous interpretations.

Mihai Haita 



2022 oil on canvas

The painting is called Monique. She represent beauty, strenght and love. I don’t use a classical way of painting a portrait, I leave that to the beholder. Just like the saying: ” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. So, the person seeing the painting should see, feel her warmth, love, her stillness, her strenght.

Monika Hartl


Flash – Illuminazione

2021 photo

FLASH – ILLUMINAZIONE: Improvvisamente, la luce penetra nell’oscurità e la sottostante
storia ancora nell’invisibile diventa visibile!!

FLASH – ERLEUCHTUNG: Plötzlich dringt Licht in die Dunkelheit und die noch im
Unsichtbaren zugrunde liegende Geschichte wird sichtbar!

FLASH – ENLIGHTENMENT: Suddenly, light penetrates into the darkness and the
underlying story still in the invisible becomes visible!



Simulated experience

2022 digital photo collage/acrylic

I think that the spectators will feel some kind of story from this artwork, which is composed of a collage of memories of existing in scenery and objects, and my own memories of drawings. In this work, “Simulated experience” I hope that spectators will experience memories that lie dormant in the depths of others or themselves through the artwork.




2018 mixed glicee print



Home & Home & Home

2020 digital art

In Korean, the place where the poor live is called the “Moon Neighborhood” because it is a high place just below the sky.
This is an old moon neighborhood in Busan, Korea.
For those who don’t have money, high-stair ridge houses are everything to them.
That’s the only place where they can rest their tired bodies after a hard day, but there is also love, happiness, joy, and children’s hope.
This picture was taken in 2008 and it has already been redeveloped and disappeared.
Because it is a place that cannot be visited now, people’s lives there can only exist in our imagination.
So we’re even more curious about their story now.

Mikolaj Karczewski

United Kingdom

Il Duomo

2022 acrylic on canvas

Following my understanding of the concept of ‘Unfolding Stories’, my story is embedded in the reflection depicted by my artwork. An image, at first glance rather abstract, conveys a layered message, after further analysis becoming more specific, with every second of observation unveiling more details and definition. 

Daphna Katzor


Autobiographical Surrealism Series – Tub, Russian Mask and Painted Roses.

2021 digital art

Autobiographical Surrealism Series – Golden Mirror Reflection.

2021 digital art

This series was inspired by the private diary of my grandmother, which she had brought from her homeland in Russia and continued after her immigration to Israel as a grown woman. I created an imagined encounter between myself and various characters belonging to different generations of my family by use of historical, personal belongings. The objects are integrated into imaginary dark rooms. It is a historical, autobiographical story; but it is relevant to all times and places and could evoke identification and memories in many individuals, wherever they may be.

Taki Kawai


The kapok

2021 oil on canvas

The kapok, in this screen, is one that I’ve taking care. While living with it, I sometimes see its different colors because of the lights of the out side. I imagine that this kapok will be bigger and more original . It’s very enjoyable that I can see the time of our days.

Rada Koleva-Genova



Non esiste più autentica narrazione di quella che dice lo sguardo umano. Tutto il resto è solamente una piccola parte della nostra esistenza.
Narrare vuol dire condividere, confrontarsi, provocare, verificare le vere percezioni dell’uomo per il senso della vita.




2016 Aluminium mesh

The narrowing of the possibilities is the expansion of the focus. 

The dynamic movement sharpens us. 


Phoebe Maier


Theree wise monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

2022 mixed media

Three wise monkeys, Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru: “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” – That is: we control what we want to see, what we want to hear and what we want to say.

Valeria Morasso



2022 acrylic on canvas

In questa mia opera ho voluto rappresentare una farfalla. Il simbolo della farfalla, da tempi assai remoti ed in culture diverse, è spesso stato associato a quella trasformazione interiore che, partendo da una condizione limitante (quella del bruco), giunge alla piena manifestazione della sua bellezza.
L’opera è realizzata con colori acrilici con una tecnica di versamento del colore direttamente su tela.

Taro Mukai


Life is flaming up

2022 japan paper, photo

Obviously, we are all alive. When you seized with lots of despair and the heart fit to break, or lots of happiness filled your heart.
When you were betrayed by a reliable beloved and felt alone, or be grasped your really feels by a bastard, but couldn’t help feeling less alone,
the Heart always continues to beat, have a meal when feel hungry,  drink water when get thirst, and go to sleep when get tired.

Please love all your emotions which only humans, or nobody but you can feel.
That’s exactly what only you can do.
Now, the Life is living you is majestically flaming up. 

Attila Olasz


Reverse time

2022 oil cardboard

The title of my painting at the exhibition is Reverse time. It was born from a real experience. It is connected to Milan. The buildings of the present age greet you on a surface reminiscent of a rustic wall. Perhaps the present becomes visible in the mirror of the past.

Alexandra Piras


La Fissure

2022 oil/lin spatula

La fissure represents infinity. hrough its cracks and the emotions that cross time.

Weronika Raczynska


Unknown place

2017 acrylic on canvas

Unknown Place is a picture of a rare view – unknown place. Is it possible in today world that any place is unknown while everything can be seen through internet, video monitoring?

Julia Radzikowska


The Paraclete

2022 egg tempera and gold 23,75 ct on wooden board

The icon “The Paraclete” is painted with the historical technique of egg yolk tempera on specially prepared wood, covered, according to the tradition in the creation of icons, with twelve layers of mortar made of chalk and rabbit glue, each is separately applied and sanded. The number 12 represents the number of apostles, a complete number, just like the image that is poured on the board. The gold symbolizes the brightness of consolation, the source of which is the Paraclete. Consolation is a gift that invites discovery and embrace by and for oneself, so that it will eventually enlighten the rest of us with its radiance. For this to happen, one needs an openness of exposure to the other. Consolation means staying in reality (i.e. being here and now) and is a greater gift than mere joy – enjoyment. Paraclete is supposed to help one find oneself inside, which is the more difficult path, rather than finding oneself outside through modern aids such as map apps.

Anke Riemenschneider


Series A rose is a rose is a life – Moment musicaux

2022 mixed media

Franca Sacchi



2015 paint and enamel on canvas

Veronika Sekotová

Czech Republic

Freshwater pearls

2022 acrylic on canvas

Irregularly shaped freshwater pearls—like people of different shapes and sizes.
Some are open to the world, and some are closed, but they intermingle, overlap and touch each other.
They gain experience from each other, influence, enrich and co-create their destinies. When they interact, there is harmony and balance, which I have tried to capture in the painting.

Paola Semilia


Autoritratto a colori

2014 acrylic and resin on canvas

Lo sguardo inquieto e tenero di Artemisia Gentileschi, fiera della sua ritrovata forza


Autoritratto in scala di grigi

2014 acrylic and matt resin on canvas

Novella Artemisia Gentileschi, fiera del mio esser donna.



Beyond the line

2022 resin acrylic paint

In “Beyond the Line”, the writer invites the viewer to go beyond the limits of reality and disconnect from reality.
Go beyond the limits of reality, be separated from everyday life, and seek the extraordinary. Beyond an objective view of things, we explore the unknown and discover the unexpected.
What lies beyond the limits we set is beyond our imagination.
Beyond our own limits expressed in vertical white writing
There is a world that needs to be discovered.
It expresses that world with color.
It expresses this world in stark contrast to white, black, and gray, which stifle imagination and creativity.

Soul Sparkles


Dress me in Gemstones

2022 mixed media

The spirit of life is full of moments some bright some dull but mostly I believe each of us wants to feel like this piece, bold, bright, vibrant, happy, deeply fulfilled, clothed in love & cherished in our uniqueness, this is a visionaries vision of the artist expression of living in a conceptual realm of gems, each color signifies many emotions.

Maria Carolina Terracciano


Senza finestre


Chiudi il cuore e l’amore muore, con esso anche i sogni e i pensieri dove parla il cuore  l’intelletto sboccia come fiordalisi e illumina su storie mai dette.

Miltos Tsivdaris



2019 sculpture

The sculpture is heavily influenced by Kavafi’s poem, “Ithaca”. What the poem discusses is how the importance of the journey of life, a journey that gives us a color palette and allows us to use our wisdom, philosophy, feelings and freedom to create something beautiful. The point of Ithaca is that the beauty of life is not in the final destination but on the travel itself, and it is this journey that enriches our lives and gives us a sense of purpose.
The sad part is that most people will realize the beauty of this journey once they have reached their destination and with this sculpture I am trying to nudge people and try to make them see that what they are living right now, this is the most beautiful part of their lives.

Rebecca Volkmann


Just before sunrise

2018 mixed media

This piece describes a deep passion for someone and the dream time an hour just before dawn, that took me to them even if I couldn’t be with them in person.

Horst Weber


Yin and Yang in a digital hiroshige wave

2022 digital art


Ghostly forest in red and yellow

2022 photo and digital art

My first concept is to play with the photographic reality. Finding the new, not the known, coincidence and intention during the creative process. Finding new shapes and colors from the existing ones with the computer. To mix different styles orf art, if I want to mix impresionism, cubism and realism in one picture.

My second concept is to paint artificial worlds on the computer. To mix the abstract with the representational or simply to create an abstract world. These worlds prefer a digital cosmic path.

Claudia Werth


Signs of time VII

2022 acrylic on gessoboard

The inspiration for this painting were old houses. Life leaves its traces and where better to see this, than in an old house where generations have lived. Every generation leaves its colour, its traces and you remove one layer to paint over with your color, but still underneath the old one is present.

Ivo Zibulla


Mindscape#T42QA (with pyres and mountains)

2020 acrylic on canvas

Mindscapes is an ongoing series of acrylic paintings on canvas. Starting in mid 2020, all motives are linked together by the experimental production process. In each artwork, I use a different approach of applying and removing colors and randomly changing materials. The names are composed of a hashtag followed by a sequence of 5 numbers or letters. quoting the procedural creation of dimensional spaces through the means of seeds by artificial intelligence in contemporary gaming. Each artwork name also gets the first object that came into my mind after completing it by signing.