Shape of vision- Artists' quote


1-11 July 2023

Naples – Spazio 57 Gallery


Katja Bogataj  – Unique Venus



Playing Venus

2022 bronze sculpure 

price € 8.900

Sculpture Playing Venus is created as a game of convex and concave surfaces . Its softenss I was triing to show different meaningful dimensions, loving warmth and passionate erotics- both meaning already hidden under the sculpture’s title.The Playing Venus is intendent for men to realise, that womens’ breasts should be especially addored. Breasts are source of food fort he newborn, for a child. A childin the embrace of a woman,  pressed to her breasts is being breastfed and given love at the same time. For breastfeeding  baby can develope. But womens’ breasts are not only here for breastfeeding, they are also full of erotic.Ther are two breasts in my sculture, each turned in different direction- with this I stress connection between phisical and mental body. I try to remind women to cherish and value our selves.Playing Venus symbolizes playing in erotic, in beauty, in longing for woman and Venus just like mythological Venus is the climax of woman’s beauty.

Justin Chan

Justin Chan



God is a frequency

Beautiful beast

2021 photography

price € € 5.800 each

Alessandro Di Porzio



Estranged from simultaneity 

Different proofs that there is not one thing that leaves you unscathed in this world 

2023 poetry

“With my poems I tried to let a vision of things that cannot be seen or studied in a single glance emerge and occupy the page. 

Con le mie poesie ho provato a far si che una visione di oggetti che non possono essere osservati o studiati in un singolo sguardo emergano e occupino la pagina.”

Ulla Hasen



No title

2023 acylic on paper

price € 980

A Vision has an inner, felt or imagined visibility that shines through and bathes the given in a special light. Thus, light and illumination are a central momentum in a contrasting environment, often experienced as confused, dull, grey or dark. It can only be grasped in outline.

Susanne Herrmann



Beatiful sea creatures: floating jellyfish

2023 alchol ink on yupo paper

price € 1.200

My artwork “Beautiful Sea Creatures: Jellyfish” aims to capture the ethereal and graceful nature of sea creatures, their sheer beauty, while also highlighting the fragility of their existence in our rapidly changing oceans. 





Art from the past

2023 digital montage

price € 250

I use the technique of digital montage (collage) to create works on the theme of memory. The materials are actual photographs and my drawings. There are many pasts in this artwork. I read in a book a long time ago that art history moves forward while looking backward, and this artwork is an attempt to do that in my own mind. I valued the process of making this. When I was a student preparing for the entrance examination, I created an artwork based on the poem “Morning Song” by Chūya Nakahara, a famous Japanese poet. This time, based on the same poem as back then, I tried to imagine the scene of the poem, while also searching my memory of what kind of work I had created back then. I created this work while feeling many things from the past, including my own past, the past when this poem existed, and the past that exists in my own work.

Sonja Kalb



Secret island

2021 mixed media 

price € 3.800 

As Wassily Kandinsky observed, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul “


Alexandra Kordas



Milenas favorite

2022 acrylic on canvas, mixed media

price € 2.000 

My painting shows what impact you can get from shape and very less color 





2023 resin sculpure

price € 23.350

Finding the middle way in the everyday experience of dualism.

Beata Murawska



No title

2021 oil on canvas

price € 1.000

Flowers have remained. At an earlier stage, there were also other themes of Beata Murawska’s paintings, yet in time, they have disappeared, and flowers have taken precedence. Their scales are different; sometimes, their sizes can be plainly monstrous, but they do not trigger panic: on the contrary, they seem to be attracting into the depths of the paintings, particularly when the latter’s format is so large.

Helena Pellicer Ortiz




2023 impresión giclée 60*110 “coto-ge” hahnemühle fine art german etching

price € 1.800

My artwork, Insomnia, evokes how chronic sleeplessness can turn out into a fertile ground for creating ephemeral and magic worlds

Elisabetta Pienti



View from the shore

2023 oil on canvas


I tried to translate this concept on this canvas, called “VIEW FROM THE SHORE”.

The viewer looks at the horizon from the shore and stares at a very vivid sea landscape, overhung by a dramatic sky. This scenario gives a sense of openness, but there’s more.

On the right side, in the sky, the canvas is scratched. This little scratch represents the artist’s attempt to get more, to discover more, to go deeper, to search for more, to know more in order to have a broader vision, longing for the openness of mind.

Weronika Raczynska



Unknown place

2021 acrylic on canvas

price € 1.250

“Unknown Place” acrylic painting is a picture of a rare view – unknown place. Is it possible in today world that any place is unknown while everything can be seen through internet, video monitoring?

Markus Roth



Protective layers

2022 photograpy on alu dibond

price € 550

My goal is to capture the form and visions of nature through my pictures. Sometimes you have to see the big picture, but often pay attention to little things.

Maria Carolina Terracciano

Maria Carolina Terracciano



Il silenzio. Il Tempo. Pregare

2023 poetry

E mentre tutto e passato ecco che nel presente germoglia un fiore, ancora, germoglia è il profumo di una rosa e staresti lì a sentirne la fragranza che si diffonde anche dopo che i petali, i sepali e il pistillo si sono seccati.

Enrica Toce

Enrica Toce




2023 acrylic on canvas


““Focus” è una pittura che focalizza, in chiave simbolica, la tendenza di questa epoca di concentrarsi sull’apparenza e il superfluo, cancellando, attraverso un ritmo incalzante di concepire il tempo e una vita patinata, l’importanza dell’interiorità e della profondità dell’Essere che sono bersagli di questo nostro tempo. 

E’ proprio sulla base di questa riflessione che “Focus” prende vita e si pone come obiettivo quello di catturare lo sguardo dell’osservatore attraverso linee geometriche e rosse, che richiamano la configurazione di un mirino e fanno da cornice alla centralità di un vortice intenso multicolore che come un grande magnete trascina lo spettatore negli stati e livelli più profondi dell’Essere che sembrano tendere così all’Infinito. L’osservatore volente o nolente si lascia trasportare dal flusso in un confronto approfondito con le parti di sé da lui e dagli altri inesplorate.

Horst Weber



When the apple tree blossoms in the garden of the Hesperides tear down the grid of your prison, golden apples will soon emerge from it

2022 mixed media and collage on watercolor paper

price € 600

With my work I would like to show the duality of a symbiosis of a photograph and digital art in one work, the Garden of the Hesperides.Based on a photo of a tree blossom in spring, this is an experiment with a computer program that segments a photo into many individual parts. A photo experiment in which the result convinced me.The structure, which looks like a prison lattice, represents the emergence of the blossoms from the prison of the Garden of the Hesperides and the subsequent transformation of the blossoms into a golden apple.

Ivo Zibulla



Karte der republik jederzeit

2022 acrylics on cardboard

price € 2.500

The painting is a result of a successful collaboration between two artists: Linda Göhrs and myself. It fully unfolded itself within a single painting jam. we used only fully saturated colors, partly cut-out and reassembled the cardboard canvas and applied textures, mimicking cartographic features. the title refers to the concept of eternity or now-ness and playfully implies, that there is actually a preformatted way to get there using a map.


15-25 July  2023

Naples – Spazio 57 Gallery

Sandra Bechtold

Sandra Bechtold



Fly away in pieces

2019 fine art print on MDF

price € 450

My artwork Fly away in pieces shows a new possibility to look at well known things and hopefully inspires the viewer to do that in their every day lives.


Lucia Boaghe




2021 glazed ceramic sculpture

price € 780

“Duality” is a captivating sculpture that explores the concept of opposing forces and their interconnectedness. Through its intricate shapes, the sculpture beautifully captures the harmony and tension between contrasting elements, embodying the coexistence of light and dark, strength and vulnerability, peace outside and war inside. Its form invites viewers to contemplate the complexity of duality and reflect on the inherent balance that exists within contrasting aspects of life and existence.


Claudio Cangialosi



Lift me up 

2022 acrylic on canvas

price € 3.000

Remove to be lucky

2022 acrylic on canvas

price € 2.000

I am on sale 

2022 acrylic on canvas

price € 500


Incertezza o angoscia

Castità o cambiamento

Ironia o arte

Ambivalenza o Fede In risposta ai grandi cambiamenti che il mondo sta attraversando, ho cercato di definirmi e ridefinirmi come artista.  Comprendiamo in questi tempi l’impatto che la società ha su tutti noi.

Cercando di cogliere questi cambiamenti, sono tornato a ciò che l’umanità ha utilizzato come base per ogni forma d’arte: il simbolo.  Un simbolo per astenersi e inquadrare la vita.

Il codice QR è diventato rapidamente il simbolo della nostra epoca.

Ogni codice contiene una chiave, o un (incognito) a sintesi di fede.

Cosa c’è dietro di ogni QR?

Sta a voi scoprirlo.

Rika Maja Duevel

Rika Maja Duevel

The Netherlands


What shape are you today?

2023 mixed media

price € 500

This piece was made especially for the exhibition “Shape of Vision” organized by Nartwork. 

How do we see ourselves? Are we just what we share with the world or do we each have layers that we keep hidden, thinking about the things we keep safe and internal? We can be an organic triangle or a circle, we can reach for others or we can keep some distance. The choice is ours to decide.

Mario Formica



Ildebranda dei pennini

2020 mixed media


2019 mixed media

price € 400 each

Le mie figure ieratiche d’ispirazione preromanica sprofondano-emergono da materiali disordinati e seviziati dai colori, dagli oggetti, dalle colle. Si rinnova così l’antica arte del disegno e l’appagamento dell’impastare. 

Rada Koleva Genova

Rada Koleva-Genova




2023 poetry

Agata Lewandowska-Mista

Agata Lewandowska-Mista




2022 mixed media

price € 3.500

FLOW is an artpiece which was a follow up of AMBiTION. Those two pieces stand for the ever present two forces within us: FLOW and AMBITION. FLOW on its part stands for reaching within and letting things evolve naturally.

Atsushi Ohta



Drawing a square c.p.54a. plus

2022 mixed media

price € 850

A space created only by painting and drawing on a flat surface.
How is it possible to make the theme happen in this autonomous painting space without using reproducible spatial expressions of visual experiences?
It is caused only by ‘conceptual action’, not by the iconography or the image.
The theme is where to find the reality of self-existence and how to get awareness and awakening.
The uncertainty of the existence of the perceived and recognized objects and the certainty of the self-existence which recognizes them.
The act of drawing as a motif causes the self-existence on a canvas, – capturing it in the moment of the present and in the limited area of here.
The reality of self-existence in eternity and infinity.
The awareness and awakening will be obtained in the relationship of substance, idea, and action.

Attila Olasz




2022 acrylic on canvas 

price € 1.100

In my work Falls, I would like to evoke the world of intuition. On the strongly textured canvas, the vision takes shape in the diagonal blue form. The glowing orange spot in the distance in the big green field. Is it leaving or coming?

Ariane Schuchardt



Coppia di opposti

2023 knife, oil on canvas,

price € 1.000

E’ la goccia che fa la differenza. La goccia misura piccolissima in natura, qui è intesa come prezioso gesto quotidiano d’amore.
It’s the drop that makes the difference. The drop is very small in nature, here is intended as a precious daily act of love.

Veronika Sekotová

Czech Republic


The formation

2023 acrylic, gold, structure on canvas

price € 850

Shapes are formations of living matter. Constantly changing, evolving. Like clouds in the sky that float on by, grow or simply disappear. Shapes offer us much more than a clear perspective. Imagination and inner strength.




Beyond the line

2022 resin acrylic paint

price € 7.000

My paintings are no different.

Hundreds of years ago, there were people like us on this earth, dreaming of the future.

We go beyond. The future will be better when each individual goes beyond themselves.

Tim van den Oudenhoven 



Flux 1,  02:54:39 –  from the series “Cosmic Rays”

2023 fine art print on aludibond plate transfer

price € 900

“My work Flux 1, 02:54:39 – from the series “Cosmic Rays” – focusses on a reduction of reality through monochrome landscapes, and also playing with the concept of recognising shapes in the dark, with the colour green being the one our eyes are able to perceive the most. 

The title “Cosmis Rays” comes from physics and reflects on rays coming from outer space that can be made visible and may somehow still have an influence on our perception of the world, however small. Each work in the series has a “Flux” title with a number and time of day when it was registered, to illustrate a scientific approach, which ultimately falls short. “


Rebecca Volkmann



Wandering into my dreams

2022 mixed media and collage on watercolor paper

price € 1.100

In my painting, “Wandering into my Thoughts”, the figures emerge from the organic ground created intuitively with water media and collages made with watercolor on Japanese paper from years past. The figures undulate and move together as if in a dance, or Pas de Deux in ballet.
In nature, the wind and water move trees, plants, and water in rhythms syncopated like a dance. When creating this piece, I let the forms speak to me as organic and biomorphic shapes and guide the creation, created by the human hand. The story speaks of dreams and that ether-like atmosphere found there, and the dance of passion is only imagined, not tangible. The colors are reminiscent of Spring, and the female figure in her dance unfolds like a bloom.