Distinctive marks

from 19 to 26 March 2022

Spazio SV – centro espositivo San Vidal, in Campo San Zaccaria, Venice (Italy).


Marie Pierre Arpin



2017 oil on canvas

Miroir rhénan

2021 ink on canvas

In both of these flamboyant scenes, the eye is drawn to the center of the happening. In each composition a tunnel of light invites towards a destination where neither earth nor sky exist, yet all focus lies in life itself. Its nature glowing in the golden autumn light.

Claudio Barbugli


Stato interiore 27

2020 acrylic, spatula on plywood


Yuri Bosetti


Ti ho trovato!

2017 oil on canvas


“Ti ho trovato!”

Ti ho trovato!
Ti ho stupito?

Non è stato semplice, era un bel nascondiglio
e alla fine ci sono riuscito.

Ho superato confini di terre, mari, monti e paludi,
eri così vicino che non ti avevo notato.

Sette ruote hanno girato e dentro il mio confine
ti ho trovato.

Yuri Bosetti
Perugia, 2016

Erika Cadiz

Saudi Arabia

Disharmonious harmony

2021 oil on canvas

Reason in itself is simply an abstraction, only when combined with the intangible, the confusion, the insanity does it turn into reality.

Caterina Caldora


Sole sui trabocchi

2009 pastel on paper

Reason in itself is simply an abstraction, only when combined with the intangible, the confusion, the insanity does it turn into reality.

Chiara Cinquemani


Deformazioni del pensiero

2016 mixed media

La figura umana è frammentata, moltiplicata, diviene epifania della complessità del “in interire homine”, percorso da pensieri che si fondono con le emozioni, gli stati d’animo, i vissuti in una molteplicità tessuta insieme senza riduzioni. Si tratta della coincidentia oppositorum che sempre siamo, oltre alle apparenze.

Paul Delannée


« juste des clous »

2019 china ink

Two passions, classical music and art – Psycho and classical music in relation

Elisa Dottori


Ti ho trovato

2022 monoprint mixed media

“Volti,occhi,alberi ,pesci,onde prendono forma in una danza composta e scomposta.
Ad occhi aperti fra milioni di esseri umani
mossa e fragile,
spogliata dal velo, nella zona d’ombra più scura, che altro non può essere che bosco e notte senza luna
Io in ascolto del colore
e della linea
e di sabbia come perla
e di neve come diamante
a respirare la mia unicità”

Anna Eriksdotter


Blue leaves

2020 limited edition art print 1/5

I think it consists of different layers that all I am, the more insights and experiences the more layers.

Mario Formica


Interconnessione Paolo Francesca

2021 mixed media on wood

Il mito di Paolo e Francesca esula dal pathos dantesco per risolversi in una ideale astrazione che va oltre la quotidianità, talvolta complicata. Si adagia nella pacata bellezza d’una leggenda forse troppo usata, ma che si rinnova in una interpretazione estremamente intima.

Alina Gane-Hurcomb

New Zealand

Tempo di riflessione

2022 acrilyc with gold leaf

In this piece I have tried to capture the relationship between the Cartesian theories of identity (“”I think therefore I am””) and wealth; the development of this painting literally required time for reflection and the notion of time contributing to both ‘the self’ and ones interpretation of ‘wealth’ as a construct.

Nadine Giehl


Skyline open water

2020 acrylic on canvas

My works are strongly influenced by my studies in architecture and love for nature. Skylines and stairwells fascinate me to this day and are my favorite subject.My work: “skylines deep water” is a mixed technique of acrylic paint, filler and nets, painted on canvas.

Ted Gillespie


Consumption #4

2021 acrylic on canvas

Together with marks, lines, shapes, and colors drives this unique painting forward yet entices the viewer to look even deeper within the space given literally and spiritually.

Jörgen Hansson



2022 acrylic on canvas

A constant journey through the differences of reality, from bothoms cold and darkness, to the light and warmth of the surface, a journey that shapes my inner self.

Monika Hartl



2021 photography

Ogni fermo richiede movimento,
qualsiasi oscurita la presenza della luminosita.

Elke Hubmann – Kniely



2020 collage on canvas


2020 collage on canvas

The reason of my works does not remain on the canvas too specifically, there still has to be space for the viewer‘s imagination.




2021 digital photo collage/acrylic photo

I create collages of landscapes I have actually visited and photographed, as well as drawings I have created myself. I believes that memories are invisible to the eye but exist in the air, and I expresses this by collaging and composing memories that reside in various materials.



Fixed through your gaze

2022 photo editing, digital painting

Erich Kovar


Transgenic individual

2020 pastel on paper

Due to the progressive scientific excesses in genetic engineering, I spontaneously came up with the idea to paint the picture “transgenic individual”. This picture is intended to shake you up, because transgenic excesses will be normal in the 21st century.




2022 stone jasper dalmatine, PLA 3D-print, epoxy, varnish

Our Life Chapters, key episodes, as well as normative file events draw a contour around us. Layer by layer they build up. A silhousette reliably supportive and encouragingly animating, this is how the self forms, this is how we take up space. 

Elisabeth Lopez

United Kingdom

The birth

2020 oil on canvas

This painting is part of a series of three female figures, all of them looking for a way to transform.
They are mysterious and magical, like the fantastical world of the subconscious itself. It speaks, not only to me, but to people who observe the work and create a story within it.

Attila Olasz


Thought experiment

2021 colour pencil paper

In my Thought experiment work, figurative shapes are the determinants. In addition to the pondering torso figure, there is a  head floating. We see them in an iced cold world. The relationship between them is complicated. Their physical and spiritual existence is based on distinction. 

Maria Rita Onofri


Verso il colore

2021 spatula acrylic with gold and copper

Olivier Petit – Helle


Pentraĵo kvardek du (N.42)

2021 acrylic on canvas

Pentraĵo kvardek kvar (N.44)

2021 acrylic on canvas


An austere setting, a window from which movement emerges, a free thought that escapes from its shackles to twirl around like a farandole.

Alexandra Piras



Cold vibrations

2021 oil with spatula on canvas

Cold vibrations represents
Human vibrations and the epicenter of energies.

Silvia Ranza


Il pianeta sconosciuto

2021 acrilyc on canvas

Il mio quadro: acrilico su tela è pura arte astratta moderna contemporanea incarna il forte auspicio ad un ritorno all’essenza. Ho usato il rosso il blu e il giallo in quanto colori primari con l’uso della spatola e delle mani.

Tommaso Sacco



2021 mixed media giglée print

L’uomo è uomo. La donna è donna.
La femmina è invece uomo, donna, è cosa, è tutto ciò che facendo d’istinti e fantasia, di sensualità, di sessualità.
Insieme del palese e del nascosto, evidenza dell’ oltre che giace sotto una linea dell’orizzonte alla portata di tutti.
Capri è femmina, della miglior specie.

Paola Semilia


Autoritratto in scala di grigi

2014 acrylic and matt resin on canvas

Lo sguardo inquieto e tenero di Artemisia Gentileschi, fiera della sua ritrovata forza.

Autoritratto a colori

2014 acrylic and matt resin on canvas

Novella Artemisia Gentileschi, fiera del mio esser donna.

Maria Carolina Terracciano


Il respiro dell’essere


Rafa Tom



2021 acrylic and texture on canvas

Movements, reflections, contrast, connections and unity, all represent my painting that I am displaying

The light of darkness

2020 acrylic on canvas

There is always a light coming out of darkness no matter how long the darkness will stay.

I believe that everyone has to put his marks in life and to be different from others even in difficult situations such as in darkness. Be creative and be different.
Also connection is very important in life because in nature everything is connected from land to sky to trees and everything is created with
harmony from colors to shapes to sizes..
This artwork can show how everything is connected in nature.

Stéphane Vereecken


Work 19

2021 photography

The void fills the distance with the flux and tribulations of the moment.It is about filling an empty space with objects and after emptying it, decluttering itBy leading viewers to the crossroads of fact and rumor, reality and fantasy, science and imagination. The void… his role is essential in the way in which the Chinese thought and conceptualized the Universe. White attains his true fullness by cutting it out of the human form.

Rebecca Volkmann


2020 like 52 pickup sticks

2020 mixed media

Horst Weber


Birth of a new world

2022 digital art

Birth of a new world.

My creative process is comparable to an improvisation in music.

How a musician uses the instrument to improvise a musical theme,
I have the computer program to improvise on a subject from photography.
Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there. (Miles Davis)

On the basis of a given structure from a photography, or a abstract structure done by the computer I do different things with the help of computer programs turn a photograph into a painterly representation. Many emerge from this different variations on a topic. These variants are saved during the work process.
Through this technique I can generate impressionism, expressionism, pop art, photorealism… from a photo. If that’s not enough for me, I can mix these art styles, overlay them or show them together in one picture. As a result, the boundaries between artistic movements are disappearing. But I can also mix the abstract with the realistic.

In the present example, I have changed two artificially computer-generated circles in such a way that one circle becomes stylized waves, the second circle becomes a planet.

Now the work of alienating the colors begins with trial and error, the computer generates colors that a human being would not paint like this. Versions are duplicated and edited differently, only to be overlaid again afterwards.
Then I try other functions of the image processing program to further change the shape and color, or to discard them, many of these attempts are saved.

After hours of work, the two original circles have now become a world that is born out of water.And that is also the name of the work: Birth of a new world.

Claudia Werth 


Abstracted dynamism

2021 acrylic on canvas

Abstract Dynamism shows the up and downs, the light and dark, the life lines we take during our journey.