Boundless Beauty

from January 13th to 22nd 

at the exhibition space Dueunodue in Bologna, located at Via Galliera 2/B.

Claudio Barbugli

Claudio Barbugli




2023 acrylic on canvas

Sandra Bechtold

Sandra Bechtold



Fly away in pieces

2019 photography/Fine Art print on MDF

price € 450

My artwork Fly away in pieces shows a new possibility to look at well known things and hopefully inspires the viewer to do that in their every day lives.

André Colinet



Twilight in the Castle Park

2023 digital photography

The Redwood

2023 mirrored digital photography

The Sea

2021 digital photography


The starting point is always a poetic visual fascination with people, landscapes,
cities, …
Shooting can be a spontaneous inspiration or something that I have carried within me
for a long time and, when I’m ready, I start photographing.
Once these images are captured, I let them rest indefinitely to create the necessary
This is followed by selection and processing.
The images can then be independent or combined with other images.
In this series there are assembled landscapes (sea, forest, castle park) with mirror
images as well as different images.

Rika Maja Duevel

Rika Maja Duevel



Beauty, the internal and external storm

2023 mixed media on canvas 81 x 56

price € 450 


“Beauty, The Internal and External Storm” was made especially for the Nartwork Exhibition “ Boundless Beauty” is a personal reflection on trying to decide what beauty is, who decides what beauty is, and the painful and sometimes beautiful storm that comes from regaining your own beauty.

Mar Enriquez

Mar Enriquez



Mirar y sentir

2022 acrylic on canvas 60 x 60

Price € 1.200


Me ha costado un poquito elegir la obra, porque suelo pintar en un formato mayor, he elegido mi obra Mirar y sentir, que tiene un significado muy importante para mi, pertenece a mi proyecto Pintar el silencio.
El horizonte casi desaparece en esta obra, el color nos habla, nos transmite emociones, nos enseña a mirar, a ir mas allá de lo que vemos para encontrar lo invisible. La belleza escondida y soñada.

Maria Evseeva



Sense of freedom

2023 acrylic on canvas 50 x 61

Price  € 1.250

Libertad, the song of Al Bano and Ramina Power, is what I hear when I look at this painting.

The theme has emerged spontaneously when one friend has said a phrase “I would like to run naked on the beach.”

So, when I arrived at home that evening, I decided to do art therapy and these beings appeared on the paper, I would say they were the naked souls running on the beach.

It’s just a feeling of freedom, but in difficult moments, my mind comes back to these beings, and I go with them running, almost flying, without feeling my body.

Giulio Fantone



Bellezza in espansione

2019 digital photography 70 x 50

Price € 300

Al mattino una semplice foglia di tulipano crea un vortice sinuoso. Un’espressione di inaspettata bellezza. “Se si passasse tutta una vita alla ricerca della foglia perfetta, non sarebbe una vita sprecata” (Uejima Onitsura – 1681 )

Alessandro Di Porzio



When Beauty is boundless it squashes our hearts: how can we measure up to that undescribable entity? It is, as artists and human beings, an impossible yet delightful task.”

Mario Formica



Intelligenza Autogestita

2023 mixed media on wood 81 x 9

Procne – Apoteosi della rondine

2023 mixed media on wood 50 x 50

Lucrezia Giacometti

Lucrezia Giacometti




2023 mixed media on canvas 50 x 40

Price € 450


In this my artwork, belonging to the cycle of works “Human Geodes”, represents the concept of beauty of the Geodes (stones or rocks with a rough surface, covered with crystals and minerals from the shapes and colors contrasting each other) related to the “inner beauty” that each individual of society possesses and makes him unique in the community. The message with a strong meaning that the work wants to convey is to go beyond the appearance, beyond the external aspect and the canons imposed by society, to know the people we meet on our way and to know ourselves, through a constant introspective path.

In questa mia opera, appartenente al ciclo di opere “Human Geodes”, viene rappresentato il concetto di bellezza dei Geodi (pietre o rocce dalla superficie grezza, rivestite al loro interno di cristalli e minerali dalle forme e dai colori contrastanti fra loro) rapportata alla “bellezza interiore” che ciascun individuo della società possiede e lo rende unico nella collettività. Il messaggio dal forte significato che l’opera vuole trasmettere è quello di andare oltre l’apparenza, oltre l’aspetto esteriore ed i canoni imposti dalla società, di conoscere fino in fondo le persone che incontriamo nel nostro cammino e di conoscere noi stessi, attraverso un percorso introspettivo costante.

Nathalie Guglielmo



Amori estivi

2023 mixed media on canvas 50 x 40

Price € 300

Ulla Hasen



Untitled (1115)

2021 acrylic on paper 58 x 42

price € 790


The concept of beauty on which Nartwork has based this exhibition is aimed at authenticity in all its possible manifestations. Friedrich Schiller summarised the context in his essay “On the Aesthetic Education of Man” in the sentence “Man only plays where he is man in the full meaning of the word, and he is only fully man where he plays.”

It is precisely this experience that my artistic impetus is based on. In the pure, unintentional play with colours, the problems of the world take a break. And in doing so, something of life reveals itself to me that makes it worth the effort of continuing to work on the big burdens. There is a form of aesthetic experience that enables a freedom beyond ruthlessness.

Sonja Kalb

Sonja Kalb




2022 mixed media on canvas 60 x 80

price € 3.800

I, therefore, felt my “Jungle” series was particularly appropriate for the theme of this exhibition because it is truly boundlessly beautiful, unmanicured, wild, uncontrolled beauty that nevertheless has a self-given Organisation, structure, order and balance, uninfluenced by mankind.

Tommi Ketonen



Burning soul

2023 graal glass technique 35 x 17

Price € 5.400

“Burning Soul”, is a glass sculpture whose color scheme conveys warmth and power. The determined woman’s face that can be seen inside the sculpture tells a story of inner strength and determination.

A reddish flame burns in the center of the face, symbolizing passion, vitality and courage of the heart. “Burning Soul” reflects the unique ability of glass to capture human emotions and enhance their beauty.

This sculpture reflects inner strength and determination. “Burning Soul” invites you to dive into the depths of the glass and experience the richness of power, beauty and passion.

On the crest of a wave

2023 graal glass technique 18 x 41

Price € 4.200


“On the Crest of a Wave” is a water-toned glass sculpture, inside which there is a figure of a female face that lives in rhythm with the movement of the water. The shape of the sculpture reflects freedom and strength as it reaches unfettered upwards like a rush of water.

The harmony of blue tones and the transparency of the glass bring out the beauty of the water. The movement of the female figure inside the glass reflects the powerful energy of the forces of nature, creating the impression that she is on the crest of a wave, free and merging with the surrounding water element.

The sculpture invites you to feel the power of flowing water, the vitality of a woman and the harmony of nature. This glass sculpture is like a frozen moment in the power of the sea, offering viewers the opportunity to experience the enchantment of nature and join the movement of its waves.

Rada Koleva Genova

Rada Koleva-Genova





luglio 2023 

Tutti siamo portati alla bellezza. Basta spogliarsi dall’ingombrante peso delle vesti sociali, e ignudi contemplare la natura. La libertà nel pensiero creativo è l’espressione autentica del bello dentro di noi.

Andréa Lobel

Andréa Lobel

The Netherlands


Last summer (Nina)

2023 digital photography 70 x 50

I am drawn to images like that. The way the sun shapes the shadows and the leaves of the corn protect the girl.
I feel fortunate to be able to capture moments like this and make time stand still just for a while.

Slaga Małgorzata



Ball of joy

2023 acrylic on canvas, 70 x 50

price € 800

Red ball with a face

2023 acrylic on canvas, 40 x 50

price € 500

A work of art is an expression of the artist’s experience and an expression of his sensitivity to various situations in life. Sometimes the work is created under the influence of the beauty of nature and sometimes it is an expression of emotions that the artist is experiencing at a given moment.
My paintings are usually created under the influence of events in my life and are an expression of my emotions that I feel at that time. Each of my paintings has a story, that is, it is part of my life.

Fadiese – Laurent Martinez



Zig abo

2020 Black watercolour paper, acrylic paint, pastel 54 x 44

price € 2.000

Dazzling light of the heart

2020 Pastel on Paper 38 x 50

price € 750


Christina Mitterhuber



Orange I + II

2022 oil on canvas 60 x 120

price € 4.000

Since I was a teenager I always admired the landscape of Island and geysiers in particular.

Atsushi Ohta



Drawing a square c.p. 64

2023 mixed media on canvas 73 x 73

price € 1.700

My works consist of a five-layer structure.
The subject is realized through conceptual action within its five-layer structure.
The motif is the act of drawing a square.
Drawing a square
In the moment of the present,
In the limited area of here.
Awareness of eternity on oneself, preached in the “”Hokekyou Juryouhon”” Sutra.
This is an approach to reality.

Attila Olasz

Attila Olasz


The bird of infinity

2023 acrylic on canvas 37 x 17

Price € 300

The title of my work is The bird of infinity. A mythical bird rising from the sea and flies towards the flame. Sometimes the fire gets into his wings but doesn’t burn. It’s going up. It connects the sky and the water.

Pawel Opalinski



Fatal attraction

2023 low-speed photography of moving objects – multi exposure 70 x 50

price € 800


Utaellamarie Peter



Abstracts 23/1

2023 acrylic on canvas, 80 x 60

price € 1.000


My painting shows clearly delineated areas of colour that do not mix. Are they units that insist on their autonomy and do not want to mix – a development that can currently be observed in all societies, but does not bode well for the elimination of global chaos.

Weronika Raczynska



Human shape in a landscape

2022 acrylic on canvas 60 x 50

price € 1.300

At ”Boundless Beauty” group exhibition I show ”Human Shape In A
Landscape” acrylic painting. I would like the viewer to feel the boundless of
the landscape. Human being is part of something bigger – the boundless
landscape. What is the beauty? The beauty is something that is not utilitarian.
Exactly like a painting.

Vera Shumacher

Vera Schumacher




2020 photography printed on canvas, partially painted with acrylic paint varnished 80 x 60

price € 2.000

“Phantom” is an artwork I am presenting has a meaning: we do not exist alone. Phantoms of art, dreams, beauty are always around us…

Lisa smith

Lisa Smith



Beautiful mind

2023 mixed media on canvas 24 x 18

price € 500

Firstly my beautiful mind painting of the lady with many colors shapes and forms ..reminds me of memories and nostalgia and as well as when your thoughts are beautiful, its true you can only think one thought at a time and whenever a bad or unhappy thought creeps into your mind you should always try and replace it with a beautiful thought.

Jean-Paul Soujol Benedetti



Black in the beauty

2022 digital photography 100 x 100

price € 2.000

For this “Boundless Beauty” exhibition, I chose “The Beauty of Black” as my subject.

Obtaining the quintessence of black is a real artistic and technical challenge. You need a subtle light that sculpts the matter while preserving its dark side.

Here, the black is in relation with the blue of the sea to give the whole artwork a sensual side that is transformed into beauty, elegance and sobriety.

Maria Carolina Terracciano

Maria Carolina Terracciano



Bellezza illimitata

Pomigliano d’Arco, Agosto 2023, poetry


Emma Testa



Il mistero dell’incontro

2022 oil on canvas 70 x 50

price € 900


Con l’opera “Il mistero dell’incontro”, ho voluto cogliere la magia dell’incontro tra due realtà, la delicatezza e la soavità del fiore, e l’umanità e la tenerezza della figura femminile.

Entrambi trasportati da un tempo lontano, il fiore, entità effimera per natura, si rivela alquanto dichiarato alla figura femminile che appare vagamente accennata e smarrita.

Il contatto dell’annusarsi, sfiorarsi è marcato, c’è un’atmosfera incantata, affiorano memorie, pensieri, sentimenti, che s’incontrano e suscitano sogno e infinita bellezza…..


Enrica Toce

Enrica Toce



Entropia su pellicola

2022 acrylic on canvas, 60 x 120

price € 10.000






2023 acrylic on canvas, 50 x 65

price € 700

I’m an abstract painter, and I use circles and lines to draw on themes such as the movements of people’s emotions and the movements of my own heart that I glimpse in my daily life.

Rebecca Volkmann



Wandering into my thoughts

2022 mixed media on paper 76 x 56

price € 1.150

In my painting, “Wandering into my Thoughts”, the figures emerge from the organic ground created intuitively with water media and collages made with watercolor on Japanese paper from years past. The figures undulate and move together as if in a dance, or Pas de Deux in ballet.
In nature, the wind and water move trees, plants, and water in rhythms syncopated like a dance. When creating this piece, I let the forms speak to me as organic and biomorphic shapes and guide the creation, created by the human hand. The story speaks of dreams and that ether-like atmosphere found there, and the dance of passion is only imagined, not tangible. The colors are reminiscent of Spring, and the female figure in her dance unfolds like a bloom.

Horst Weber



Aurora borealis forest/northen light forest

2023 digital art, 47 x 47

price € 500

The Northern Lights were not always considered beautiful, but in ancient times seen a disturbing sign in the sky.

Only since it has been known how it is created have people found it beautiful.

My artwork combines the beauty of the Northern Lights with a fictional digital forest.

It connects what at first glance doesn’t belong together. This is how this artificial forest looks at us in the shimmering green colors of the northern lights. And shows us a beauty that seems limitless in the Nordic sky.

Pu Wei



Void realm

2023 mixed media, 68 x 68

price € 2.800

My art has an inner strength of practice and understanding. It is a description of the state of being from my own art spirit. I used the Great Perfection (Dzogchen) mind method of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism in China to paint, and created a new artistic expression style of Chinese painting – The color of Surupa. When I enter meditation, I communicate with the universe, nature, and life. Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye it also includes the esoteric images of the soul. I feel the higher frequency lights and colors and the profound natural states which are the frequency and fluctuation of love. I feel extremely joyful and happy. I would love to convey these universe love energies to the audience through my paintings. “”Void Realm Series”” are the esoteric images of the soul I perceive, a higher-dimensional mental imagery projection with extraordinary information and energy. Viewers can gain the freedom of their souls and generate endless imagination in my paintings.

Tatjana Zonca

Tatjana Zonca



Night Lzr

2023 screenprint, 60 x 40

price € 700

The screenprint ´Night Lzr´contributes to the exhibition “Organizing Chaos” with its chaotic layers and the relation between the actual space and the perception of the viewer on it. Through the connection between the artist within her surrounding, the physical and the mirrored, a direct reflection of what is simultaneously outside and inside every witness.