Beyond sight - Artists' quote

02-12 July 2022

OnArt Gallery –  Florence


Marie Pierre Arpin



2017 oil on canvas

Miroir rhénan

2021 ink on canvas

In both of these flamboyant scenes, the eye is drawn to the center of the happening. In each composition a tunnel of light invites towards a destination where neither earth nor sky exist, yet all focus lies in life itself. Its nature glowing in the golden autumn light.

Serafino Botticelli


Senza Titolo

2021 oil on canvas

Il dubbio è una forma di intelligenza, che ci fa crescere, ci apre a nuovi scenari a noi sconosciuti, una ricerca libera formale ed estetica in gardo di uscire dai canoni più consueti in modo potente e magico.

Franco Bulfarini 


Ciclo astrazione psicologica – 2 – la nascita della vita

2022 mixed media on canvas

La vista, organo di senso, si limita a sorvolare con volo radente la superficie dell’opera, per cogliere asperità, rugosità, bagliori,
toni e fusioni cromatiche, ricercando equilibri estetici. Vedere in superficie non basta a comprendere fino in fondo l’arte, solo ad accogliere
se presente il decoroso approccio tecnico. L’opera d’arte cerca altro per donarsi e svelarsi fino in fondo, insegue una relazione con la
psiche di chi osserva, vuole toccarne con afflato sinestetico l’animo, ed ha sempre il fine di elevare lo spirito del fruitore attraverso il
processo emozionale.

Lorenzo Cabib


Serie Dark Side – Violence

2022 magnified digital photography of original subject: sculpture painted with vacuumed acrylic paint

Serie Dark Side – Woman

2022 magnified digital photography of original subject: sculpture painted with vacuumed acrylic paint


Nicola Costanzo


Solo per un giorno

2021 mixed media on canvas

Solo per un giorno evoca l’aspirazione ad una forma, ad una passione di vita, che non conosce calcoli e confini precostituiti.

Paul Delannée


« juste des clous »

2019 china ink on paper

Two passions, classical music and art – Psycho and classical music in relation.

Rika Maja Duevel 


Things are not always what they seem

2021 mixed media on canvas

This piece represents the mind of an introverted artist. Sitting still, but on the inside, there is a combination of structured intensity and an element of control. An exploration into determination and an outlook on all the possible potentials on what lies ahead.

Peter Ebner


Triangle amoureux – der kuss als norm der form

2021 oil on canvas

Anna Eriksdotter


Blue leaves

2020 fine art print limited edition 1/5

I think it consists of different layers that all I am, the more insights and experiences the more layers.

Mario Formica


Un’ombra dal Paradiso

2021 mixed media on wood

Il paradiso dantesco, sintetizzato nella figura ieratica di una Beatrice pressoché assente, si riempie di una diafana luce, mentre i movimenti armonici dei cieli si concretizzano nella musicalità scomposta dei chiaroscuri.

Alina Gane-Hurcomb

New Zealand

Tempo di riflessione

2022 acrilyc with gold leaf

In this piece I have tried to capture the relationship between the Cartesian theories of identity (“I think therefore I am”) and wealth; the development of this painting literally required time for reflection and the notion of time contributing to both ‘the self’ and ones interpretation of ‘wealth’ as a construct.

Nadine Giehl


Skyline open water

2020 acrylic on canvas

My works are strongly influenced by my studies in architecture and love for nature. Skylines and stairwells fascinate me to this day and are my favorite subject. My work: “skylines deep water” is a mixed technique of acrylic paint, filler and nets, painted on canvas.

Ted Gillespie


I like red over pink 

2021 acrylic on canvas


2021 acrylic on canvas 

The promise

2021 acrylic, resin and razor blade

“The Trio, “Red, Blue with Green”, “The Promise”, and “I Like Red Over Pink” present a theme of vision. Bringing the audience into a different approach to seeing is believing. This collection tells the story of an alternate vantage point, directing viewers to look beyond the crimson, dark, painful place we often survive, fighting through to more colorful, meaningful days. Inspiration found in one’s perception can change everything.
Gillespie guides us through the pain in his translation of healing. Subconsciously promoting the “only way out is through” mentality. The Artist’s depiction is honest and visceral, exposing vulnerability as a superpower.”

Jörgen Hansson



2022 acrylic on canvas 

 A constant journey through the differences of reality, from bothoms cold and darkness, to the light and warmth of the surface, a journey that shapes my inner self.


Extreme position 

2019 acrylic on canvas 

I am, able to take this position, even on a red-hot surface, that´s what makes me unique.

Monika Hartl


Flash – Illuminazione

2021 photo

FLASH – ENLIGHTENMENT: Suddenly light enteres into the darkness and the invisible becomes visible!

FLASH – ILLUMINAZIONE: Improvvisamente la luce entra nell’oscurità e l’invisibile diventa visibile!

Elke Hubmann – Kniely 



2020 acrylic, collage on cardboard

“honigregen“ offers you the opportunity to recognize feelings in addition to the visible.



Simulated experience

2022 digital photo collage/acrylic

I think that the spectators will feel some kind of story from this artwork, which is composed of a collage of memories of existing in scenery and objects, and my own memories of drawings. In this work, “Simulated experience” I hope that spectators will experience memories that lie dormant in the depths of others or themselves through the artwork.


Italy’s just matter of feeling

2022 mixed media giglée print

Taki Kawai


The kapok

2021 oil on canvas

This work is not only one that people observe carefully but also one that people feel rhythmically. Kapok is one of strong plants to live even if they don’t get water very much. Also, this kapok is colored by pink which is more modernly and people feel a carefreeness.

Mikoláš Klír

Czech Republic

A boot or a boat?

2021 oil on canvas

This artwork depicts a man who did not have his own ship, so instead he used a shoe
to get to know more and more fascinating and mysterious spaces. If he really wants
to achieve his goal, the fact that he doesn’t have the right equipment can’t ruin his

Rada Koleva – Genova



2021, Malcesine

L’armonia è la meta dello spirito e della materia, perchè solo così, entrambi possono identificarsi.

Erich Kovar


Transgenic individual

2020 pastel on paper

Due to the progressive scientific excesses in genetic engineering, I spontaneously came up with the idea to paint the picture “transgenic individual”. This picture is intended to shake you up, because transgenic excesses will be normal in the 21st century.




2018 copper (brushed and oxidized), brass

A decision is the threshold for a new direction. At the moment I find myself in this process, my authenticity is needed to look on all sides and beyond. It is a matter of finding the path from where to direct the sight to the point where you want to be.

Elisabeth Lopez

United Kingdom

Tears valley

2020 oil on canvas

My pieces are sensorial paintings that convey energies and movement in space: full or empty. Evasion and freedom are the cornerstones of my technique.
This artwork oscillates between the figurative and the abstract to facilitate a constant and patient balance.

Taro Mukai


Life is flaming up

2022 japan paper, photo

Obviously, we are all alive. When you seized with lots of despair and the heart fit to break, or lots of happiness filled your heart, When you were betrayed by a reliable beloved and felt alone, or be grasped your really feels by a bastard, but couldn’t help feeling less alone, The Heart always continues to beat, Have a meal when feel hungry, Drink water when get thirst, And go to sleep when get tired. Please love all your emotions which only humans, or nobody but you can feel. That’s exactly what only you can do. Now, the Life is living you is majestically flaming up.

Angelika Oberneder


My mind explosion in a strange world

2021 batik and laquer on canvas

“My mind explosion in a strange world” let you see how my feelings touch the canvas.

Attila Olasz


The sense of infinity

2020 oil on board

The central figure of my work, The sense of infinity, is absorbed by space. The direction of the wall pulls the gaze inward. Towards the uncertain world. A deep red bar closes the horizon. On the right side human figures rise in the wall. Maybe they’ll come to life now.

Olivier Petit – Helle


Pentraĵo kvardek du (n.42)

2021 acrylic on canvas

Pentraĵo kvardek kvar (n.44)

2021 acrylic on canvas

An austere setting, a window from which movement emerges, a free thought that escapes from its shackles to twirl around like a farandole.

Alexandra Piras


La Fissure

2022 oil/lin spatula

The crack is chaotic. It is united and divided at the same time.

Tommaso Sacco



2021 mixed media giglée print

L’uomo è uomo. La donna è donna.
La femmina è invece uomo, donna, è cosa, è tutto ciò che facendo d’istinti e fantasia, di sensualità, di sessualità.
Insieme del palese e del nascosto, evidenza dell’ oltre che giace sotto una linea dell’orizzonte alla portata di tutti.
Capri è femmina, della miglior specie.

Paola Semilia


Autoritratto a colori

2014 acrylic and resin on canvas

Lo sguardo inquieto e tenero di Artemisia Gentileschi, fiera della sua ritrovata forza.


Autoritratto in scala di grigi

2014 acrylic and matt resin on canvas

Novella Artemisia Gentileschi, fiera del mio esser donna.

Maria Carolina Terracciano


Libere Associazioni

2022, Pomigliano D’Arco

Rebecca Volkmann


Just before sunrise

2018 mixed media

This piece describes a deep passion for someone and the dream time an hour just before dawn, that took me to them even if I couldn’t be with them in person.

Horst Weber


Yin and Yang in a digital hiroshige wave

2022 digital art

Ghostly forest in red and yellow

2022 photo and digital art


My first concept is to play with reality, to change photographic reality. Finding the new, not the known, coincidence and intention during the creative process. Finding new shapes and colors from the existing ones with the computer.

My second concept is to design artificial worlds on the computer in a painterly way. To mix abstract with representational or simply to create abstract.

Claudia Werth


Signs of time VII

2022 acrylic on gessoboard

The inspiration for this painting were old houses. Life leaves its traces and where better to see this, than in an old house where generations have lived. Every generation leaves its colour, its traces and you remove one layer to paint over with your color, but still underneath the old one is present.