Peter Woodburn

Peter Woodburn

Wind-broken reflections just before sunset, river Aussou

Colour inkjet archival print made with pigment-based Epson Ultrachrome inks on Hahnemühle matte fine-art paper

Limitless appealed to me because in the early part of 2020 I came to see my work as implying something much larger than what is pictured in the frame of the art-work. In spite of my love of close detail, I rethought my work as being much less about framed limits and more about the freedom the imagination enjoys to move out and away from the particular to a whole that limits can never constrain -something like an imagined vision of the world. This notion – essentially about the untouchable freedom of the imagination – lit up some dark days and made me pick the work I chose to submit, because I had mislaid the original master file of this image – and on refinding it, I realised I now saw it differently. Imaginative freedom cannot be lost, but events may make us mislay it.

I grew up in Britain and have worked in France since 1987. I am active as an ‘auteur photography’ (an artist-photographer). My work has less to do with large scale views, and more to do with the details of small scale-localities I have come to know and treasure. This started with the Aussie/Orbieu confluence in the Aude, a place I have worked in each summer for many years. I have an imaginative connection with such places in which my love of myth and literature participate. My love of abstract and landscape painting also plays a part in what I create.

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