Lucia Serra

Lucia Serra

Geometrie urbane

photography, 50×70 cm

“Limitless” is a concept that I feel and belongs to me a lot! This beautiful exhibition is a concrete proof that despite the limitations that can be imposed at certain times of life, important, ambitious, content-rich, engaging projects can be carried out. Art, in all its manifestations, is perhaps one of the most powerful tools through which to start again to create new worlds. And Nartwork with this beautiful initiative has given us all the opportunity to break down every boundary and border and dive into beauty. Quoting Einstein ” “It is in the crisis that the best of each emerges, because without crisis all winds are only slight breezes”.

Born in the Netherlands to Italian parents but with French origins from one side and Austrian from the other, I have lived in so many different cities and countries where I have developed an acute curiosity for everything that was original and different surrounded me, for the different cultures of every place. No art school, no class, no academy. On the other hand, as the daughter of a man of science and former representative of the Royal Navy during the Second World War anything that did not concern these areas was banned. I discounted I came then enrolled in the scientific high school in Belgium, where we lived at the time. And though it was rather arduous to harness my exuberance, it was only when I cut the umbilical cord with the family that I could begin to express myself Really. On the maternal side, the creative vein was actually there. I still have drawings pencil, mostly portraits, really amazing that my mom has made over the years fifty depicting actors of the time. But she missed it too soon, when I had only 12 years old. And dad’s influence has taken over.Growing up and for so many years I made of traveling my work until events out by my will, led me to stop. And what might have seemed like a adverse circumstance, has turned into a real catharsis. To my immense stonishment, in that instant exploded in his irrepressible disruption my art, expressed painting and photography. I have always loved to write, reflect, elucubrare; For so many years philosophy, literature and psychology have been the passions that have catalyzed my attention. I was sure one day I would write a book! I had never experienced the sudden joy and carefreeness of expressing myself through means that leave the mind free to roam without coercion, without apparent rules, following only the flow of the Feel. In what I create or capture I represent my deepest emotions but also more instinctive. The colors and the strong contrasts are my way of feeling life, sometimes the glasses through which I deliberately choose to see situations, places, people: my magic, my refuge. That feeling of incompleteness that accompanied me to many, too many years, has suddenly vanished. I can finally say that I feel at home, at the center of myself. A wonderful feeling!

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