Giovanni Garrone

Giovanni Garrone

Beyond – My Take On What The World Will Look Like If Quarantine Doesn’t End

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“Art is something that not only pleases the eye, but also leaves a lasting impression on one’s mind. For many artists, art works as a vehicle for expression or communication of emotions and ideas – to depict beauty, to explore the nature of perception etc.” That is why art is limitless, like limitless is the imagination and the creativity of a human mind.

Hey there, I’m Giovanni Garrone. A full-time daydreamer, design junkie, and a Visual Brand Manager in the real world. Born and raised in Italy: can’t help art and cappuccino running through my veins. I’ve studied Architecture at Polytechnic of Turin, but soon I decided to find my own path in the creative industry, far from the conventional paradigms. My journey goes on in Kristiansand, Norway: almost two years living in the woods and working for an advertising agency named Aptum. In 2018 I moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where I am currently based. Here you can find me at Advidi, the company within the Performance Marketing industry I work for, dealing with visual brand management. Quite simply put, I am a design, branding, and creative contents enthusiast, I love to make my own art and help others to find a flawless match between themselves or their businesses, and their visual identity. People who truly know me keep on saying my mind is on the moon, but they don’t know what they are missing. The view from up here is amazing. If you are wondering what happens when you combine Italian roots to Nordic influence and European cosmopolitan features, check out my works and learn more about it. Cheers, Gio

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