Gennaro Regina

Gennaro Regina

Fuck You

acrilyc on canvas, 73.5 x 43.5 cm

Art is limitless, like children’s imagination… To be an artist you have to be like children: without limits!”

Gennaro Regina was born in 1965. He descends from a family who have been art publishers and antique books dealers since 1880. Regina matches the family inheritance with his two passions: painting and photography, realizing creations which now are housed in the spaces of Italian and foreign collectors, mainly in the United States. In 2007 Gennaro Regina works on the walls of an important studio of a Neapolitan professional, receiving approvals by the public and by the critics. From that moment onwards he establishes a solid relationship with the outside world and the inner spaces safeguarding his creativity, taking his moods, his emotions on the canvas, between paintings and collages, to the PAN, the prestigious Palace of the Arts in Naples. And this is only the first exhibition of an agenda which will take him to Milan, to the Vatican Museums in Rome, to Geneva, to Luxembourg and to the United States. At the PAN Regina is setting up an exhibition “L’urlo del Vesuvio” (The screaming of the Vesuvius) which will in future become an art catalogue published by Giorgio Mondadori. An extraordinary exhibition which is a cry of denunciation of a city like Naples tired of being beaten and to just look at what is happening. A cry launched through works in which it is possible to find, without squealing but creating a fascinating whole, traces of Munch, in the mixture of colours in which the Vesuvius lays, and Andy Warhol, of whom the strongly communicative and advertising attitude is recalled. Warhol, in particular, with his pop art, strongly influences the way Regina makes and interprets art, because he considers him the perfect combination between graphics, advertising and art. Of Warhol Regina recovers most of all the advertising language in works with a strong entity not just visual but also communicative, while playing with and combining symbols of Naples and current events. Vittorio Sgarbi signs the preface of the catalogue Homo Ludens published in April 2016. In 2017 Gennaro Regina wins an award at the Los Angeles Movie Award in the category “best experimental”, with the direction of a short documentary on art “Suriezione” regarding his live performance.

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