Arianna Ellero

Arianna Ellero

Violet Cloud, Cascata sonora frequenza magenta

pigments, sand, earth (soil) and petals emulsioned on frameless canvas, 260 x 215 x 80 cm, 2019

All that is visible must go beyond itself and go deeper even in the invisibility… I believe the creative thought to be limitless, a game in the endless world of possibilities. I compare thinking, like colour to frequency, to a form that transforms in matter.

Painter, visual artist 1978, based in Udine, Italy EDUCATION: Istituto d’Arte Udine – Udine School of Art 2010-2014 I developed my fieldwork on the energy of colour between Germany and Switzerland. In Berlin, I painted at the Werkstattraum, a shared atelier project and I met the painter Bettina Düesberg with whom I deepened the pictorial technique through the use of pigments. I attended the Kunstquartier Bethanien and had encounters with musicians, that allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the relationship between music and painting: colour, frequencies. 2015 Back to Italy, I revisited my pictorial technique through the use of natural pigments and materials, obtaining some of the colours from topsoil, sand and flowers collected around. 2017-2019 Experimenting another way of painting I realized various public performances in collaboration with musicians, including Pieno e Vuoto (Voll und Leer), wich is a performing project with the improvisation duo Haiku. 2019 I studied engraving at the “Stamperia d’Arte Albicocco” in Udine, Italy PERSONAL FIELDWORK: I investigate into the possibilities of non- figurative painting, light and nature perceived as visual frequencies, with my reinterpretation of reality: Clouds, Sonic Cascades, Sonic Horizons, Shape and frequency of thinking. Emptiness .

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