Contaminazioni Solo Exhibition – Antonio Corbo – 18th to 29th October 2019

Contaminazioni Solo Exhibition – Antonio Corbo – 18th to 29th October 2019

On Friday the 18th of October at 5 pm, inside the exhibition room of Fodazione Valenzi at Castel Maschio Angioino of Napoli,
there will be the opening of Contaminazioni, the personal show by Antonio Corbo.The solo display, organized by Natwork Association, offers to the visitors the chance to see recent works from the artist. Corbo’s mature
art is an harmonic union between poetry and painting, showing his complexity as an artist.The exhibition layout is enriched by his poetic text, which contributes to elevate the fascination for his works.The show has received the patronage from Fondazione Donnaregina for contemporary art of Napoli(Madre Museum), and the moral patronage from Comune di Napoli, Università Suor Orsola Benincasa,Fondazione Valenzi.

Rossella Bellan,Giulia Mazzilli and Antonietta Panico are the curators.

The event will start with an introduction by prof.Lucia Valenzi, President of Fondazione Valenzi, followed by a debate on the topic of Contaminazioni|Contaminations moderated by the art historian Gianpasquale Greco.

The guests will receive a copy of the official catalog of the display, which will be part of the archive of many museums worldwide.

The exhibition will be open from the 18th till the 29th of October, Monday to Saturday 10.00-1.00 am and 3.30 pm-6.30 pm; Sunday 10.00-1.00. The entrance is free.

Antonio Corbo has been born in Campobasso, the city where he leaves and works. Painter and poet, he started to operate during the 60s, and that is the moment that marks his consecration to art. His expressive language is free from the influences of the Post-Avanguardia, an independency that reflects on the contents as well, with a tendency to experimentation and research. In the first phase, he keeps on social and political topics expressed with incisive marks and emotional expressionism.
In contrast, during the 80s and the 90s, he produced landscape and nudes. He refers always to Transavanguardia and Post-Modern. At the beginning of the new Millenium he started to work on abstractions, he is not anymore figurative and start to express reality through new material gestures.
From nature to unknow worlds: the Big Bang and the cosmo are now the centers of is successful path. He started to picture galactic objects and primal life forms and are driving the observers beyond the two dimensions of the artwork. The union of painting and poetry characterizes all his shows from the 00s. His works have been exhibited in the biggest European cities and worldwide. He has participated in many events organized by Italian Cultural Institution. His works can be found in numerous private collectors and museums, both Italian and international. Countless the prizes and the awards he has received during his career.


catalogo mostra contaminazioni Antonio Corbo


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